Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in case of an entered payment if the balance is insufficient?

How to obtain the payment confirmation?

How to modify the daily/monthly transaction limits in I-B@nk?

How to make an external payment?

How to cancel a processed transaction?

Why a transaction is not processed?

What to do if I have changed the phone which it had been installed the I-B@nk mToken application?

What should I do if I forgot the hardware token PIN code?

Why does the message Invalid digital signature appears?

Can I open an account by using I-B@nk service?

What should I do if I inserted a payment with the wrong processing date?

How does my balance affect my scheduled future payments?

The security of the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania I-B@nk Service complies with the specific technical standards in order to offer their clients a high level of information`s security:

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Can another person (friend, family, etc.) have access to the I-B@nk application with the same user ID and token?

How can I access the application?

If I forget my login password used to generate OTP (one-time password) in the application, how can I get a new password?

Do I need such software?

I have anti-virus software installed; am I protected now?

What do viruses do?

Is it hard to learn how to use it?

Do I have to pay for an anti-virus?

Do I need anti-spyware programs?

Is it ok to download programs from the Internet?

What does phishing mean?

Where do they have my e-mail address from?

What do I do if I get a suspicious e-mail?

What do I need to know about a firewall? What is a firewall? How does it work?

Do I need a firewall?

I am not a computer expert; can I really learn how to use it?

My computer works fine; why do I need to protect it?

Is it risky if I do not protect my computer?

Can I let my computer unattended while I`m connected to the I-B@nk application?

Why protect myself if my anti-virus is updated?

How often do I have to check this protection?

What is the BIC / SWIFT code?

Which is the SWIFT code of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania?

What is an ABA routing number?

What is a SEPA payment?

What are the countries in the SEPA area:

What does the OUR, BEN or SHA commission for a foreign currency payment mean?

What are the limit hours for processing the foreign currency transactions through I-B@nk?

Can I open deposits in the I-B@nk application?

Can I see my deposits and their characteristics?

Can I close up a deposit via I-B@ank?

Are there commissions for the payments made via the I-B@ank application?

Can I see my transaction history for a certain period?

Can I access the information contained in my account statement?

Is the viewing of account statement in I-B@nk charged?

Can I view the loan payment amount in the balance?

Can I receive information from the Bank via the messaging section without having to go to the bank branch?

How can I forward the proof of a payment order made via I-B@nk?

Which are the suppliers you can pay utility bills, phone services, other services, free of charge, with the collecting bank accounts opened at the Bank, accessing the Operations - Utilities Payments menu?

What is the advantage of the Direct Debit service activation?

Can a Direct Debit mandate be cancelled?

What accounts can be viewed?

What transactions can be made through the I-B@nk application:

How can I find out a currency quote?

When can currency exchanges be made?

What is the maximum amount I can change at the bank`s exchange rate?

What commissions are applied to foreign currency exchange transactions?

What happens if I change my mind about the foreign currency exchange made?

How can I make a foreign currency exchange if I do not have an account open for a particular currency?

How long does the processing of a foreign currency exchange take via I-B@nk?

Are the currency exchanges displayed in I-B@nk the same as those displayed in the bank units counter?

How can I see all the foreign exchange made during a certain period of time?

How can I download the confirmation of a currency exchange?

How do I see the standard exchange rates on a certain date?

How do I check whether a foreign exchange has been processed?

What is the maximum amount that can be exchanged at the standard exchange rate of the Bank?

What are the currencies of the accounts that can be opened in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania?

What is the TDY, TOM, SPOT, FWD exchange rate?